Hey Boo Hey!!!!


I'm Lynette -- your resident Sisterfriend.

A Chicago-based magical Black girl documenting what I learn as we journey together from twenty-something to thirty and beyond. You'll learn more about me, but you're probably already familiar with my "flavor"--I'm your bestie's cool big sister. You know the one.

The millennial Black girl who was only three grades above you in school, but your mom trusted to be your chaperone. I was the one who learned everything the hard way and shared what I knew so you and your friends didn't have to. I fought the boys when they made you cry in grade school, then taught you how to flirt-without-doing-the-most in high school. I went off to college, and you visited me on campus to learn the ropes. I bought you your first drink, was there for bad breakup #1 (even though I  knew he was TRASH from the start and said as much). We went together when it was time for that bad-decision-but-don't-go-alone tattoo. 

Now we're #adulting and it can be both exhilarating and maddening. Our issues have changed but I love you the same and we are learning from each other as we work to be our best selves. 

This blog was created with both of us in mind. To inspire and be a space where you are authentically in community with me and every other magical Black girl who graces us with her presence. So yes girl--as always, #youcansitwithus. Subscribe to stay in the know about everything happening at Third Decade, repost and share to spread the love, and leave hella comments while you're here!!