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On Faith, Walking Toward Your Dreams, and Ending The Myth of Lack

On Faith, Walking Toward Your Dreams, and Ending The Myth of Lack

Faith: The substance of things hoped for in your life, the evidence of things not YET seen.

Like you, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by my own possibilities. Whether real or perceived, it seems like time is the enemy and my dreams may have an expiration date. I sense the bittersweet wind of every second that passes, and notice my thoughts as I mindfully consider why this matters so much to me. I have so much to give and want to capture each opportunity to offer my gifts to the world. Knowing your purpose and feeling pregnant with your potential can be incredibly uncomfortable. Much like human pregnancy, there is so much that happens while we wait for the fruit of our labor, and much of it HURTS. 

There is pleasure and pain as you carry the beautiful load of your baby, planning and widening the arc of your body and life. You worry and celebrate, fret and meditate, as you consider the amazing gift God has given, and contemplate what this baby will become when they arrive. The joy is immeasurable and so is the pain, but there is a way to FOCUS on the beauty of the journey. I was able to joyfully carry my physical child, and the time was made more bearable because I knew my due date. God doesn't tell us when our dreams will be born but today I have decided to approach my dream-journey in the same way that I did my pregnancy-journey. 

I don't have to know when life will manifest the dreams God has given me. There will be pleasure and pain as I work to accomplish what He has told me to do. I'll worry and celebrate, fret and meditate, as I consider the AMAZING fact that He has shown me grace by giving me clarity. I will contemplate what may come once my dreams are fully born into the world. I will FOCUS on the beauty of the journey and count it all joy as I wait to see myself living out the reality that I've seen flashes of in my dreams.

Do you ever feel yourself racing against the clock to live out your purpose? What can you do to stay more mindful and have peace as you work toward your calling?

Slowly I have realized that some of the perception of "time passing by" comes from the myth of lack--the idea that there may not be enough [fill in the blank with your biggest hope] to go around. Maybe there isn't enough time, enough love, enough good partners, enough money, enough friends, enough success to go around. Have you ever found yourself feeling that if you don't hurry and [fill in the blank with your idea/plan/dream], there will be no more opportunities? This is the myth of lack! THERE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH GOOD IN THE UNIVERSE for each of us.

The fact is that the universe is abundant and that your dreams for yourself are only a sliver of your possibilities. The creeping fear of lack is a myth that you must choose to remove from your thinking daily. There is no shortage of potential in you, and you can trust and make peace with God's timing while you grind and sow seeds for to harvest today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life. Don't give up!!!

If you're wondering about how to do this, let me offer some practical examples.

  • If your current dream is to start your own business and brand yourself, then start reading about what it will take to get started and get to the work of making sure that you are speaking your own brand to yourself and living it each day.
  • If your dream is to find the man of your dreams but you're dating a dud, get rid of him! Spend time alone and taking inventory of your self, desires, and know what you bring to the table. Leave your baggage and go into the world expecting to receive the love you deserve.
  • If your dream is to have a new job, update your resume today, begin to talk to your trusted associates about the job you are seeking, and apply to jobs that light a fire in you.
  • If your dream is to figure out what your purpose is and gain a vision for your life, then find a tool to help you get started. Get a journal, talk to your parents about what you loved doing as a child, try to remember where you find your bliss.

Whatever it is, know YOU CAN DO THIS and walk with confidence.

Carry this with you today! Take a deep breath, calmly make your plans, meditate and know that EVERYTHING you want and need is already available to you. YOU are your biggest resource and when you go to your higher power, who is the one who put your gifts inside you, there can be nothing more beautiful than the journey that is your life.


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